Published Date: 10/06/2019


Original Press Release

The Manitoba government is investing over $15 million in significant repairs and restoration of the Centennial Concert Hall, Crowns Services Minister Colleen Mayer announced today.

“While the facility is safe for occupancy, we need to make investments to preserve this wonderful venue and ensure the safety of the many thousands of people who visit each year,” said Mayer.  “That is why we are replacing the entire roof on priority basis and committing to other important work throughout the building.”

In addition to the roof replacement, the government is moving forward with a critical project to repair and restore the stone cladding on the façade of the entire concert hall.  This project is to protect both the exterior and interior of the facility, and ensure its integrity for the next 50 years.

“Along with the $5-million new fire alarm system upgrades announced last year and nearing completion, this work demonstrates the commitment we have made to the concert hall’s maintenance and preservation,” added Mayer.

Project work is also underway regarding the structural acoustical shell for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  This is a complex project and a project manager has been assigned to determine and cost out the best engineering and logistics solution.  As an interim measure and to allow time, government partners co-ordinated to install an electronic acoustical shell at a cost of $179,000.

“The Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation is grateful for the financial investment the government of Manitoba is making to preserve and rehabilitate Manitoba’s premiere Centre for the Arts,” said Robert Olson, CEO of the Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation.  “The Centennial Concert Hall is a critical piece of infrastructure that is essential to the success of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Manitoba Opera, and whose auditorium is host to many local, national and international artists each year.”

The concert hall is an important Winnipeg landmark that held 199 performances and attracted 230,000 patrons in 2017-18.