Re-Opening Protocols

Published Date: 20/08/2021

Updated September 8, 2021

Effective Tuesday, September 7, 2021, the Manitoba Centennial Centre and Centennial Concert Hall will re-open with health protocols in place. Protocol information and updates posted at

In preparation of our re-opening, the Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation, in collaboration with our partners in the Provincial Government have upgraded washrooms in Centennial Concert Hall with contactless faucets, urinal and toilets to minimize touchpoints in these critical areas.

Centennial Concert Hall is in the final stages of removing the distinctive red carpet inside the venue and replacing it with a new carpet tile that will be easier to maintain, eliminate tripping hazards, and provide superior acoustic characteristics. The new carpet will be a refreshed shade of red to retain the distinctive interior design of the venue.

NOTE: Due to construction projects in various stages of completion in and around Centennial Concert Hall, patrons may experience some inconveniences navigating the common area of the venue. These projects will not affect the integrity of viewing and listening to the performances on stage.

Protocols and updates posted at