MCC Master plan

Published Date: 01/09/2016

Original media release April 28, 2016

The Manitoba Centennial Centre (MCC) is embarking on an exciting new phase of cultural development. Located in the heart of Winnipeg’s East Exchange District, a National Historic Site, the MCC is home to some of the province’s most beloved cultural landmarks and performance groups. Following a call for Master Plan proposals in December 2015, the MCC has selected PSAstudio for Architecture + Urban Design with Sinclair van Nostrand Architects + Planners to lead a study to redevelop the Centennial Centre based on the future needs of the arts and cultural community.

Established to develop an arts centre to benefit all Manitobans, the Centennial Concert Hall and Planetarium opened in 1968. The iconic Manitoba Museum and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre followed two years later. Today the Centennial Concert Hall thrives as the performance venue for the country’s first professional ballet company, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, in addition to the acclaimed Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Manitoba Opera. The MCCC also includes Artspace and the Manitoba Production Centre on the west side of Main Street, as well as the Warehouse Theatre and Extension Services building in the East Exchange, defining a dynamic film and cultural hub.

Leading up to Canada and Manitoba’s 150th anniversaries, a collaborative planning consortium has been assembled by Robert Olson, Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation CEO, Paul Huntington, Chair of the MCCC Development Committee and Angela Mathieson, Chair of the MCCC Board of Directors. Together with their consulting team led by PSAstudio for Architecture + Urban Design with Sinclair van Nostrand Architects + Planners of Toronto, the consortium will consult, design and estimate the cost of refurbishing existing facilities, developing new infrastructure and supporting the linkages within the Exchange that embed the Centennial Centre as focal point for the artistic needs of the community.

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