Conceptual Master Plan

Published Date: 29/09/2017


The Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation (MCCC) has collaborated with Art, Culture and Heritage agencies in Manitoba to develop a conceptual Master Plan. The plan envisions renewal of the Centennial Centre, including proposed new facilities to meet the future needs of our arts community. With the support of our Board of Directors, Chair of the MCCC Board of Directors, Mr. Karl Loepp says “MCCC is pleased to release a plan that was developed in consultation with our major stakeholders. Funding for these projects will require collaboration with all levels of government and the private sector as we move towards our goal of financial self-sustainment. Once executed, our plan will ensure the Centennial Centre remains the premier performing arts and heritage centre in Manitoba.”

The Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation established in 1968, is a provincial Crown agency responsible for supporting the Arts in Manitoba. MCCC provides asset management and organizational support to the Arts through management of the Centennial Centre, including the direct operation of Centennial Concert Hall and Manitoba Production Centre. Additional assets of the Centennial Centre include; The Manitoba Museum and Planetarium, RMTC John Hirsch Mainstage, Tom Hendry Warehouse and the Artspace building (the Gault building).